Our Inspiration

After the unfortunate demise of Mbugua and Rosemary on the 21st of September 2013 during the Westgate Terrorist Attack, the Mbugua & Rosemary Foundation was formed by the Family and Friends. The foundation was formed in memory of both Mbugua & Rosemary.


Mbugua Mwangi, a trained Electrical Engineer always wanted to be an entrepreneur. After a short stint as an investment banker, he quit to pursue his dream. Often encountering many challenges along the way, his hard work and perseverance finally paid off as he was able to start and grow three very successful businesses before the age of 30. A combination of integrity, self-motivation and strong leadership qualities are traits that Mbugua possessed. 

Rosemary Wahito Waithaka, a 28 year old vibrant, ambitious young woman was a graduate in Business and Marketing from the University of Sunderland. She took an active part in managing her family’s businesses as well as running her own successful fashion business. Rosemary was always impeccably dressed and loved her heels – a true modern-day fashionista. She craved the independence that comes with self-employment and the enormous potential for self-actualization that comes with it. We would like to continue their dream by mentoring young entrepreneurs who have the same spirit and help them achieve their own dreams.

MRF Foundation


The foundations goal is to preserve the memory of both by establishing a Entrepreneurial Hub that will foster young entrepreneurs, through Skill transfer and mentorship. There are very bright and talented college graduates who are not particularly inclined to engage in formal employment, and would rather be self-employed.These individuals often have a creative or innovative idea that they have developed over time, but lack the capacity to take the idea to the next level by, for instance, creating a solid business concept.

How we remember Mbugua and Rosemary

After the unfortunate demise of Mbugua & Rosemary, the Foundation was formed by the Family and Friends to continue their Entrepreneurial Dream in others.


Building Young Entrepreneurs


The Foundation, through a Board of Directors, is expected to support the various business initiatives by leveraging on its industry knowledge and connections to open doors and enable the Initiators to establish contacts within the business world.