UzaPoint is the most simple, affordable and innovative ERP solution for SMEs that need to monitor real-time sales, generate accounting reports, manage inventory, multiple payments and credits.


Skye-technologies is a fast-growing software development company specializing in a wide range of niche services. Our services include web design, website development, web optimization, system design and development.


AfricarTrack International Ltd is an award winning company that offers Advanced GPS Tracking and Fleet Management Systems to: Individual car owners, Public Service Vehicles, Companies and Governments. Our clients are able to track, monitor and manage their vehicle(s) using a Mobile Application, Online Web-based Platform and SMS Option.


ROOMMATE is a subscription based hostel management system that aims to solve the massive problem of students in institution of higher learning to secure affordable accommodation spaces.We work with colleges and privately owned hostels to offer the students the ability to search,book and pay for accommodation within the college or outside the college from the comfort of their phone.


Savito  aims at improving savings levels in Kenya using technology through a holistic approach by facilitating a secure App-based, goal-oriented savings product.The App enable savers to outline financial goals, provide a platform to channel savings to financial institutions as well as ensuring savers keep track of their financial goals through constant reminders. To impart financial skills the company also aims at delivering financial literacy through a blog: ultimately steering savers to financial independence.


Our purchase decisions are guided by the info we have, however, presence of clutter confuses consumers thus causing them to make inappropriate purchase decisions.Our goal is to offer a platform where clients can easily compare medical insurance products available in the market and then purchase what suits them. The ultimate benefit of the iBimasure system is that it enhances the overall image of modern healthcare.


We are a rent payment and collection platform that enables tenants to pay rent online through mobile money and offers bank-to-bank transfers into their landlords’ accounts. We also provide hassle-free reconciliation, streamlined communication with tenants and free vacancy listings to landlords.


Utafitini is a data collection, analysis and aggregation hub. We help companies and individuals visualize and derive meaningful insights from their data, infused with other data sets relevant to their business goals.


‘bailoutbuddy’ is a free Mobile Application available on Google Play store. Our aim is to educate motorists about the traffic offenses and what they are required to pay when taken to court. The customers, who must be above eighteen years, are eligible for bail out upon registering on the app after 24hrs.