Afrolicious, a hair and skin care product company in Kenya, started in 2015 driven by a passion to empower and inspire women. The company aims at making women feel beautiful and confident in their natural beauty. The business started after the founder went natural with her hair and quickly realized that there were not enough products designed for the African hair in the market.

“We were very keen on producing natural products that are designed for the African woman,” says, Judith Nduta, the founder. “With this in mind, we had to do our research by going around different East African countries, not only to source for the best raw materials but also learn from women who have been using natural oils and butters for generation.”
All Afrolicious products have been crafted with LOVE with the AFRICAN woman in mind.

In Mbugua Rosemary Foundation Judith learned how to set up structures in the business. “The business was doing well but we had no way of gauging how well it was doing and the areas that needed improvement.” She says. “In MRF, I got to understand how structures help to streamline the business and cut out a lot of unnecessary costs that we didn’t realize we had.”

Judith Nduta is a huge advocate of being “Naturally You”.This infact is her business mantra. She firmly believes that no matter how anyone chooses to present themselves to the world, be it with their hair or makeup, Afrolicious wants you to feel comfortable and confident in your authentic self and not what others tell you-you should be.

As a successful entrepreneur we had to ask her the question; what is her advice to aspiring entrepreneurs? “Learn to celebrate your small wins.” She says.” It’s very easy to be so focused on the end goal that you might not even be aware of how much progress you’ve made. Acknowledging even the small milestones will help to put things in perspective and keep you going on days that you feel like giving up. “

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