Emurqs LTD (Enhanced Management of Unutilized Resources for Qualitative Solution) was founded in 2013 as a sales consulting company that later became a food security business. Emmanuel Obed, the founder, resigned from his position as an Outsourced Business Development Administrator for Kim-Fay East Africa and BAT Tanzania to continue on his entrepreneur journey. Emurqs LTD, defines food security as a society where people have access to good quality, healthy and affordable food especially in the urban and semi-urban areas. “Our desire is to educate people on making their own healthy food in very simple ways” says Obed, “If a city is food secured then certainly crime rates will go down”. The business also aims to provide high quality food products by creating opportunities for the jobless youths to produce these foods then as Emurqs create a market for the products.
Emmanuel Obed, Started his entrepreneurship journey as a way to create pocket money for his college days. Having grown in a farmer’s house, he knew his way around with farm produce and took advantage of that knowledge when he came to the City. He ventured into producing different products like mango fruit jam and selling eggs before eventually settling on producing High quality broiler chicken. “During this period I did a lot of research on chicken feed and came up with a feed formula that has no growth boosters or additives, this in turn gave me chemical free, fat free, lean and tastier chicken. This unique quality chicken was well received in the market and has continued to be praised by consumers.” “As a young entrepreneur, I was not the best in money management at this time. I focused on buying shoes, phones, clothes and other accessories. This affected my business in a huge way as I spent all the profit and ate into the business capital. I learned the financial discipline lesson the hard way”. He says. Emmanuel Heard about the MRF program from a friend and it was here he got to learn the need for proper accounting records, Understanding the market, segmenting it, pricing the products and identifying the business value proposition. “Out of this, I was also able to grow my business by about 200% within a period of 6 months” He testifies. “I also increased my customer base from the MRF networks.”
My business mantra is to provide safe, healthy food for the country. +To aspiring entrepreneurs he says, “Starting a business is like trying to start a relationship. If you are a man and you are interested in a lady, you will never know if you will win her over or fail unless you gather the courage, approach her and try! The same concept applies to starting up a business. You will never know if it will succeed unless you start it.”

My rules are:

  1. Pay attention to customer feedback
  2. Be ready to fail and learn
  3. Never quit
  4. Do not steal from your business
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