Bena Care is a Kenyan based company founded in 2017 to offer homecare services to the sick, disabled, elderly and terminally ill persons. Its’ mission is to improve quality of life through the delivery of clinical excellence, extraordinary service and  compassionate care while being recognized as the leader in home health and hospice services.
The founder: Naomi Monari, an MRF Alumni, says she ran it as a kiosk in the beginning not fully understanding how a business is packaged. She had the vision to create a business that will stand out in the health system through providing
extraordinary care at an affordable cost hence she knew more had to be done!
Naomi joined Mbugua Rosemary Foundation in the same year (2017) “I got to learn the value of compliance and how to package your business for business,” She says.” I am glad I followed through. We have grown 160% since MRF and are now the
premier and most preferred providers of home-nursing services across the country.”
“We provide quality, affordable and reliable nursing and related services to the sick, terminally ill, aged and disabled persons as an alternative to prolonged hospital stays and at the comfort of their own homes, “ she continues “ I am obsessed with my
business. Very obsessed I must say and this is my business mantra”. What would she say to young entrepreneurs you ask? Well, she has the answer “You have to start small,” She says, “Start from where you are and with what you have. It is not going to be easy, it will be so hard you will want to and might quit… but remember, be obsessed and hang on; it might just work!”

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