The Mbugua Rosemary Foundation selects and supports a group of extraordinary emerging-market entrepreneurs who have the potential to transform industries, communities, and even countries. The Foundation will select candidates biannually to their entrepreneurial mentorship programme set up in honour of Mbugua Mwangi and Rosemary Wahito, both young successful entrepreneurs, who inspired the formation of the Foundation.

The in-depth training Young Entrepreneurs Program (YEP) – is a curriculum that has been tailored to target young entrepreneurs. It is a resourceful set of classes designed specifically to help develop a solid plan and learn what it takes to build a thriving business. This program also aims to nurture creativity and develop the participants into socially responsible business leaders and entrepreneurs to support the local economy.

The individuals who will be undertaking the training, will have businesses that are less than 3 years, while others may have viable/ solid business ideas that they would like to take to the next step. As research shows, the first 5 years of a business will determine the businesses success rate and we have learned that several young entrepreneurs lack certain basic skills that will ensure that their businesses have a not-so-rough beginning. Such skills include knowing your market, getting funding to take your businesses to the next level, book-keeping and basic financial management, strategic planning etc. We have therefore decided to focus on this target group.

Successful candidates will be those possessed by a new idea—a new solution or approach to a business problem — that will change how people consume products or services .